Magic is transformation
Transformation is Magic

Stones, crystals and metals, as well as colors, scents, shapes, movement, earth, air, water, fire, insects, animals, ourselves, our planet and our universe contain energy.

It is this energy that allows us to practice magic.


Perle & Pierre is the result of a passionate and methodical work that we employ to arouse the energy in us in the form of incantatory rituals, in order to improve the impact on our life, our environment.

As you are unique, our incantations are personalized and can thus show you the favorable path for the success of your actions. Therefore we have selected 6 incantations on which we develop a powerful magic ritual, of ancient inspiration.

The forces and energies that result from our magic are totally beneficial, we consider it a gift from the universe and use it only for positive and beneficial purposes.

Very important : Do not contact us to ask us for harmful magic, we will not answer you.
We have a duty of probity towards this marvelous gift that is magic. Our incantations here

The eye of Horus, ancient magic protection

The Eye of Horus, Wedjat Eye, or Oudjat Eye is a concept and symbol in ancient Egyptian religion that represents well-being, healing, and protection. It has a magical function related to the prevention of disease, the Egyptians wore amulets in the shape of wedjat to protect themselves from bad luck.

The Eye of Horus symbol, a stylized eye with distinctive markings, was believed to have protective magical power and appeared frequently in ancient Egyptian art. . .
Source :

 Dessin de l'oeil d'Horus

Invisible energies

According to anthropologists like Evans-Pritchard, belief in magic is not incompatible with a rational appreciation of nature. It can also be described as a set of activities and technologies intended to manipulate invisible or immaterial agents and energies, not recognized by science. . .

Source :
buste portrait reine Nefertiti, Egypte


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